HEP – Holistic Energy Psychology with quantic dimensions

A new therapy with quantic dimensions,  putting  all your psycho-energetic levels in order in an holistic  and quantic dimension.


HEP brings order and equilibrium

Layer by layer – Step by step – in all levels

It is the best way to acknowledge  and treat the  contents of your illness.



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26/02/2013 21:30


Life is frequency and resonance, with its shadows and beauty. You are the link between the universe (light) and earth, the Mirror between the external and the internal. Life is full of obstacles, they are tests we undergo in order to grow and take on responsibilities. They make up the profile of your authentic or improvised BEING. Our limits are possibilities to change something.

  • With  quantic HEP, which is a BIOFEEDBACK AND NOT ONLY A BIO-DECODING: you can achieve your potential easily, in a short time, without pain or catharsis!
  • Recognizing (THROUGH CELLULAR MEMORY DIAGNOSIS WITH MUSCLE TESTING) and deprogramming the emotional and biochemical obstacles accumulated during your lifetimes, through the quantic HEP technique (changing frequencies),
  • quantic HEP offers you a very precise diagnosis about the origins—going back to remote times—
  • It is a new technique for treatment and sensitization towards personal dysfunctions: emotional, spiritual, physical, and social. Psycho-energetically re-synchronizing (through the meridians) the psycho-physical frequencies, knowing your emotions and the content of your BEING.
  • This is a BIOFEEDBACK, precisely integrating your history, layer by layer, and your emotions, inheritances, intoxications, micro-organisms, genetic defects, neurotoxins, etc., in order to change your behavior.
  • The unexpected connections expand your horizon and reveal your strengths and beauty.


This therapy belongs to the domain of "quantic-energetic Psychology-Medicine”, because it promotes synchronizations of the  frequency of brain oscillations and of the Autonomous and Central Nervous System, leading to "deprogramming" and re-synchronizing the neural and emotional dissociations caused by traumas, with their biochemical, emotional, mental, and physical/organic/ social consequences.