HEP – Holistic Energy Psychology with quantic dimensions

A new therapy with quantic dimensions,  putting  all your psycho-energetic levels in order in an holistic  and quantic dimension.


HEP brings order and equilibrium

Layer by layer – Step by step – in all levels

It is the best way to acknowledge  and treat the  contents of your illness.


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06/01/2014 19:00
Thanks to an specific energetic diagnosis your stress can be reduced in minutes and your potantial released.

A new way of psycho-energetic COACHING for artists and high-demanding professionals

This psychological support is based on a psycho-energetic diagnosis and treatment that unblocks the obstacles produced by various sources of stress and internal-external pressure, which cause anesthesia of the senses. It acts immediately and from the origin, thereby liberating a person's internal potential.

This psycho-energetic COACHING not only unblocks the causes of inhibition, but it also:

  • Optimizes the connection to one's potential and to the achievement of one's desires and goals (overcoming success phobia)
  • Strengthens the connection with the Other Self and communication with other people by means of the discovery of resonances.
  • Through relaxation with quantic HEP and the connection with the inner self, the correction of the facial and gestural expression is observed.
  • The articulation of vocal-verbal and gestural expression is also treated with psycho-energetic methods.
  • This treatment is carried out in 4 languages: German, English, French, and Spanish. Italian can also be used if necessary.

Details of various artistic and professional techniques employed previously in the world of theater, sports, and health  can be found at: https://maschaalexartista.blogspot.com

Individual or group sessions (maximum 6 people): phone. 0034 6789 58 682, e-mail: mascha@maschaalex.com