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Candidiasis because of perturbation in the Apoptosis

26/01/2012 16:59

Apoptosis and Cadidiasis

Definition: Apoptosis or programmed cellular death is the orderly process by which the cell dies when encountering extra- or intracellular stimuli. Apoptosis is essential for the development of organs and systems, for maintaining the homeostasis of the number of cells, and for the defense from pathogens. It is a precisely regulated process that, when altered, produces severe pathologies such as malformations, developmental defects, autoimmune diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, or the onset of tumors.
Apoptosis, or programmed cellular death, is the orderly process of the death of a cell when presented with extra- or intracellular stimuli.

Apoptosis is essential in the following processes:

  • Remodeling during embrionary development, for example, the elimination of the interdigital areas
  • Development of organs and systems. In order to establish the correct circuit of neural connections during development, the neurons that do not establish synaptic contacts must die by apoptosis. Also, in order to establish an adequate immune repertory, the T-lymphocytes that recognize their own antigens must die in the process of negative selection.
  • Maintenance of cellular homeostasis. Maintaining a certain number of cells and establishing a balance between cellular division and cellular death is crucial. In systems like bone marrow or the digestive system, it is particularly important for the apoptosis processes to work adequately.
  • Defense from pathogens. Cells infected by virus or bacteria trigger processes of apoptosis as a defense.
  • Defense from the development of tumors. Apoptosis processes also protect us from the development of some types of tumors.
The stimuli that induce apoptosis can be extra- or intracellular. Cytokines such as tumor necrosis factors (TNF), radiation, lack of hormonal signals or of trophic factors are some examples of extracellular stimuli that induce apoptosis. Incomplete mitosis, increase of species that are reactive to oxygen, increase of cytoplasmatic calcium or irreparable damage of DNA as measured by the p53 molecule are examples of intracellular stimuli that trigger processes of apoptosis.
Apoptosis begins with the activation of certain proteins, called caspases, which produce a proteolytic cascade that culminates in the hydrolysis of structural proteins and DNA repair enzymes and in the activation of hydrolytic enzymes, such as the endonucleases. Extracellular stimuli activate caspase-8, whereas intracellular stimuli activate pro-apoptotic proteins, inhibiting anti-apoptotic proteins of the Bcl-2 family. Apoptosome is formed in response to intracellular stimuli or as an alternative path elicited by caspase 8 (which transports extracellular stimuli). The mitochondrion is involved in apoptosis induced by lesion or stress. At first, cytochrom c is extruded into the cytoplasm. This binds with the Apaf-1 protein, which activates caspase 9.
Apoptosis is an orderly process, with a series of phases: decrease of cellular volume and loss of the characteristics of adhesion, protein degradation, and DNA fragmentation, chromatin condensation, emergence of surface blebs, nucleus fragmentation, formation of apoptotic bodies (surrounded by membrane), and phagocytosis of these apoptotic bodies by macrophages. Cellular content is not extruded from the cell in any case.
Apoptosis is a very precisely regulated process. If there is an excess or a lack of apoptosis, diverse pathologies are produced, such as malformations, developmental defects, autoimmune diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, or the onset of tumors.
The Apoptosis is out of balance with every trauma ocurred or inherited aspects.
Everything desviating from the "normal" path produces  CANDIDIASIS - jeast - atracting intra-celular parasites and Helico bacter pilory which are mutating and carriing out other asociations like radiations etc. giving other neurotoxins... creating a viscius circle.