HEP – Holistic Energy Psychology with quantic dimensions

A new therapy with quantic dimensions,  putting  all your psycho-energetic levels in order in an holistic  and quantic dimension.


HEP brings order and equilibrium

Layer by layer – Step by step – in all levels

It is the best way to acknowledge  and treat the  contents of your illness.


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1-Day-Workshop – Cell-regeneration - health and beauty – Zurich (CH)

24/07/2014 10:00
Everything is based on cell-regeneration -Health and Beauty. Therefore we have to diagnose the cause of the dificulties to eliminate dead cells (Apoptosis), causing inner intoxications and inbalance of the homeostasis. 
Diagnose and brief treatment.
Date: Tuesday, 24/07/2014 from 10-17 hrs.
Location: Gesundheitszentrum «Ganz Gesund», Dufourstr. 24, 8008 Zürich,
Cost: Swiss franc 300,--

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