HEP – Holistic Energy Psychology with quantic dimensions

A new therapy with quantic dimensions,  putting  all your psycho-energetic levels in order in an holistic  and quantic dimension.


HEP brings order and equilibrium

Layer by layer – Step by step – in all levels

It is the best way to acknowledge  and treat the  contents of your illness.


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1-Day-Workshop – Burn-Out and other forms of depression – Zurich (CH)

29/07/2014 10:00
Burn-Out can have various causes, reducing your energy-flow.
Pressur from outside or self-created conditions, intra-uterin stress, inherited condition....
All this we can treat in short time, to get your energy-flow balanced and up-root the causes for EVER.
Diagnose and brief treatment.
Date: Thursady, 29/07/2014 from 10-17 hrs.
Location: Gesundheitszentrum «Ganz Gesund», Dufourstr. 24, 8008 Zürich,
Cost: Swiss franc 300.--

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