HEP – Holistic Energy Psychology – 
creates order on psychic, energetic 
and organic level and vibrates up 
to quantum dimensions. 
Level by level.

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Agenda from past activities

Professional activities realized before:

HEP courses base:

Belgrade/Yugoslavia: 1995-2005 (formation of Psychiatrists) with intervención in emergency, Kosovo-war, treatment for refugies.
Toulouse/Francia: 1999-2002 with intervention in emergency .
Mexico/Mexico: 2006 World-congress in alternative medicine with HEP-cours
Buenos Aires (Argentina): 2007

HEP courses and Quantic HEP-courses:

Santiago de Chile: 2003-2013 all advanced  HEP-courses

Santiago de Chile - other courses with HEP

  • Curso “Camino a la riqueza” (The way to wealth)
  • Curso ” Orientación profesional” (professional orientation)
  • Curso ” TT – Toque Terapeutico cuántico” ( "TT" The quantic therapeutical touch )
  • Curso ” la manipulación”  (Manipulation)
  • Emergency treatment-Cours and intevention during emergency from the earthquake in February/March 2010
  • (videos  emergency-treatment for everybody for the earthquake  in December  2010
Santiago de Chile: 2009 Universidad UCINF HEP-course and specialization in trauma and violence for professionals in healthcare
Rep. Domenica (Haiti): 2010 asistence in emergency at distance (earthquake)
Donauwörth (Germany): 2006-2012
  •  HEP -courses and advanced HEP courses,
  • Cerebral Sincronizatión  and dance-therapy,
  • "QTT" Quantic Therapeutic Touch and Therapeutic Reprogramation
  • HEP- Express, deprogramatión of negative Corebeliefs.
Valencia / Benicarló / Tortosa-Spain: 2009-2013
  • HEP courses and all advenced quantic HEP-courses, up to Dic. 2013
  • Cerebral Synchronization  and  "TT Therapeutic Touch and Therapeutic Meditation",  Quantic "TT", conectión with your other SELF
Zürich-Switzerland: 2013
  • TT Therapeutic Touch and Therapeutic Meditation,  Quantic "TT", conectión with your other SELF and programmation in your dreams.
  • HEP-Course and advanced HEP-course I. and II.

Zürich-Switzerland: 2014

  • HEP-Course and advanced HEP-course I. and II.
  • 1-day-Workshops: in March:
  • "To what porcentage am I in this life, what is my goal?"
  • "Addiction and Suicide"
  • "Sexuality - Identity - confusions"
  • "Psycho-energetic coaching for artists and high performers"
  • "Forclusion - Self-exclusion - the chronical position of beeing a victim"


Other courses:

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2001/2003/ 2007 Belgrade/Yugoslavia
2010 Piacenza-Italy


1974-2012 in  various countries

Shiatsu and Reflexology

1974-2013 in various countries


1974-2012 in various countries


AGENDA 2014 / 2015