HEP – Holistic Energy Psychology – 
creates order on psychic, energetic 
and organic level and vibrates up 
to quantum dimensions. 
Level by level.

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 new courses in march/april/may 2016 in zürich german version

Agenda 2014 / 2015 – Next Courses

-  All courses in march/april/may 2016 in Zürich in german version


1st of oct., 18.oo h , Free HEP-Conference with diagnosis,

-  HEP-Training-Courses for everybody interested in holistic treatments, as a self-treatment and aknowledgement of yourself

   or helping your family and as a professional therapy.

-  2-5th of oct.     HEP-BASIC-COURSE, 10-18 h (4 days)

-  9-11th of oct.   HEP-ADVANCED COURSE (microorganisms, allergies, neurobiology, intoxications..) 3 days, 10-18 h

-  16-18th of oct. HEP-CUANTUM COURSE (3 days) , 10-18 h

-  One-day-seminars about existential issus concerning EVERYBODY ..like adiction to suffering etc. During this seminar we     diagnose and treat inmediatly. As it concerns everybody , it is for a very special price.

  • 6th of oct.   "Am I 100 % on this earth? what is the aim of my life?"  16-20 h
  • 7th of oct.   "Adiction to suffering", 14-18 h
  • 8th of oct.   "Cell-regeneration - Difficulty to eliminate toxins", 15-19 h
  • 12th of oct. "To what porcentage do I love myself, the other, do I alow myself to be loved?", 16-20 h
  • 13th of oct. "Beauty and cell-regeneration, tricks how to activate in 2 seconds enzymes, collagen etc." 16-20 h
  • 14th of oct. "Burn out" ..it's a inheritad matter...14-18 h
  • Individual sessions, (can be held also per skype)

You can reserve it now per e-mail: mascha@maschaalex.com.

If you reserve and pay a complete training-course until the 15th of August the price will be reduced 10 %.

In case of 12 participants per course the price will be reduced a 40 %.

For more informations please write to me: mascha@maschaalex.com







All courses are held in

Gesundheitszentrum, Dufourstr. 24, Zürich (behind Opera)

The courses can be held in spanish, english, french, german

  • 10 % reduction for early booking until 1st of May 2015, with full payement of reserved courses in my bancaccount.
  • 40 % reduction of trainingscourses by inscription of 15 participants.
  • The HEP- training is for everybody interested in self-healing and therapeutic work on others. (in 3 blocks).
  • The 1-day-workshops are a deep experience of quantum diagnosis and healing for extistential issus of human kind, which give chronical stress. One day with diagnosis and treatment.
  • Inscription and reservation for individual therapies: mascha@maschaalex.com
  • Swiss-Telephone-Nr. only from the 1th of June to the 20th of June 2015  077 453 67 13

Agenda for June 2015

Conference about HEP with free diagnosis

02/06. from 18.30-20.00 h

HEP-Basic-Course (4 days)

Muscletesting, diagnosis, treatment for psychological problems

4, 5, 10 and 12th of june, from 10-18 h

1.900 Sfr. (4 days)

Advanced HEP-Course - Holistic treatment (3 days)

Microorganisms, Intoxications, Allergies, Heritage, Neurobiology

6, 7 and 8th of june, from 10-18 h

1.400 Sfr. (3 days


1-day-workshop with diagnosis and treatment

"Addiction to suffering..Adrenalin.."

9th of june, from 14-18 h

200 Sfr.


1-day-workshop with diagnosis and treatment

"Griefing made mor human..."

11th of june, 17-21 h

200 Sfr.


HEP for Animals, trainingscours to treat animals -for everybody !!

13/14/15th of june from 10-18 h

1.400 Sfr. for 3 days  reduction of 40 % by 15 participants


1-day-workshop with diagnosis and treatment

"Difficulties with the digestive system - inheritad....emotional and physical digestion"

16th of june, from 14-18 h, 200 Sfr.

1-day-workshop with diagnosis and treatment

"How much do I love myself, do I alow to be loved, do I love my partner????"

17th of june, from 14-18 h, 200 Sfr.

1-day-workshop with diagnosis and treatment

"Stopp anticipated aging - Cell-renovation - Beauty and neurodegenerative problems"

How can I without any aditional substance, but with HEP, activate Collagen, Elastine, etc.? How can I prevent anticipated aging...Demenz, etc.

18th of june from 17-21 h

200 Sfr.

1-day-workshop with diagnosis and treatment

"Burn-Out", so many holistic items causing this lack of energy...which we will diagnose and treated right away !

19th of june, from 14-18 h, 200 Sfr.


In July 2015  I'll dictad these courses in Santiago de Chile, with individal sessions.

Please inform other people how you can do something for your health and happyness.

It's worth it.

Healing and regeneration of organs...

Das Licht der Ewigkeit - Russen lassen Organe und Zähne nachwachsen 1/5


All courses in german

inscription: mascha@maschaalex.com

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