HEP – Holistic Energy Psychology – 
creates order on psychic, energetic 
and organic level and vibrates up 
to quantum dimensions. 
Level by level.

tengo una nueva web:  www.mascha-alex.com

contacto: email: m.m.alex@outlook.de

BOOKS Published by mascha alex

  1. “Unexpected connections, HEP – Holistic Energy Psychology (German and Spanish)
  2. “Sinning and Forgiving – New focuses on mental and physical health: Food Intoxication, Cooking with Intelligence” (Spanish)
  3. “Emotional Crusade” (Poems in various languages in one book)
  4. “Alchemy of the senses” Group of Valencian poets, A-rimando (Spanish)
  5. “Sensed Transparency” poetry (Spanish)
  6. “ Roots"   poetry (Spanish)
Book are on sale at this page. If you don’t see it correctly, go to www.obrapropia.com. Once inside please search Mascha Alex. You can also order the books directly from Mascha Alex.